About Us

Hi there! We are Jon and Elena, a couple based in Berlin, at least for the time being.

We met in 2015 and started working together three years later, joining our strengths with the aim of telling visually interesting and compelling stories from all over the world.

Jon is a photographer/cameraman and a natural people’s person and Elena is a video-journalist who has covered International news stories for over a decade with a great interest in documentary-style video production.

We use our creativity to develop powerful stories, providing insightful and personal storytelling. 

We easily get itchy feet, and when that happens we jump on our van “Lola” and drive away from the city, hoping to find visually striking stories to tell.

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Our team

Elena filming in Namibia for the IZW

Elena Gyldenkerne

Video Journalist

Elena is a freelance journalist who has covered all sorts of stories across the globe. With a strong news agency background, she has covered a range of heart-warming, personal stories as well as breaking news and the grim attacks that have rocked Europe in the past few years. She has also covered large-scale sports events around the globe. She currently works as news reporter and producer at Deutsche Welle. An experienced video-journalist, she has great interest in environmental and social stories. She co-directed and produced her own documentary, “Catalonia, European deadlock”, in 2014.

Jon A. Juárez

Photographer & Filmmaker

Jon A. Juárez is a nature photographer with great interest in human stories. He has mainly developed his photography in Scandinavia and Germany, using his expertise to promote conservation projects and raise awareness about climate change. He currently collaborates with the Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research (IZW), and is involved in projects like the BioRescue and the GAIA initiative. He has also led several projects involving refugee children in Berlin since 2015. A full member of Germany’s Society for Nature Photographers (GDT), he has displayed his work at several exhibitions in Germany and Spain, including at the Zeiss Major Planetarium in Berlin. His pictures have been awarded both in Germany and across Europe.


“Elena and Jon are diligent, extremely detail oriented and always within reach. They possess the level of professional etiquette that is hard to match among their peers.”

Karen Korte, Managing Director of the German Society for Nature Photography.


“We greatly appreciate their level of professionalism, their skills and experience and their complete understanding of the sensitivity of the procedures they document for us.

We can recommend their work without any reservations.

Steven Seet, Head of Communication at the Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research.

I have had the privilege of working with Jon for many years. He is committed to our line of work and ethics and articulate when it comes to both his artistic and technical knowledge. 

He will complement any organisation he is part of.

Elena is an attentive listener and an effective communicator. She has coordinated projects involving numerous people, and her ability to work collaboratively 

while guiding the project quickly and effectively is outstanding.

Paco Membrives, Managing Director of the International Photography Festival MontPhoto.